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A reason to smile!

Welcome to the amazingly colourful and creative world of Carol Anne Scowcroft.

String lady red and green scarf signatureAs I turned the corner of yet another sterile trade show I was hit by a blaze of incredible colour and other worldliness, here I was met by the smiling face of Carol Anne Scowcroft, artist and creator of the Chimeeras.

The smile is important to note as this is exactly what happens when you meet them, both Carol Anne and the Chimeeras! The colours and vibrancy in Carol Annes art instantly makes you happy and gives you a peaceful sense of wellbeing. You can only imagine my excitement in finding something so new and original.

 Carol Anne is the best person to explain how these Chimeeras come into being but I can assure you they come from her heart and are here to make your world a better, brighter, lighter place, just like Hat Attic!


There is only one problem with them and that  is deciding which one (or more) is going home with you.
Are you going to wear it or display it? Scarf, purse, piece of art?

These amazing scarves are direct digital prints taken from Carol Annes paintings onto Silk Crepe de chine, the purses are digitally  printed little details taken from the paintings onto canvas with a protective coating and a lovely bright red velveteen lining, ideal special gifts.
Which ever you choose (eventually) you will love it forever. It will cheer your days, make you smile and you will know that you have a piece of beautiful original artwork created with love.

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