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A trip to the nail bar is definitely a treat, a chance to just sit and be pampered, or a part of a weekly grooming routine for some. Nail products are now the strongest growth area of the beauty industry, unlike just about everything else, one size fits all! But as always nothing is as simple as it seems, you are putting your health at risk every time you step through the door.
You don’t notice it when you’ve been sitting there for a while but have you ever wondered what that aroma that hits you as you come in the door is doing to you? Let alone the poor people working in there!
Have you ever wondered what toxins are in those fabulous shiny colours, that is seeping into your nails?

It could be argued that occasional exposure to these ‘small’ doses of toxins are not harmful but when you combine them with the other fragrances, make up, body lotions and potions that you have already put in your system, you can not brush them off as insignificant. They are adhered to your nails after all!
Many of these ‘chemicals’ have shown adverse effects, even at low doses to in particular pregnant women and children (who are always putting their fingers in their mouths).

Let me tell you about the five main culprits in this chemical war.


The solvent used to mix the ingredients, this is the sweet, sharp vapour that is in the air.
Effects to your health : dry or cracked skin, headaches, numbness, eye or throat irritation and in extreme cases (more likely your nail technician) kidney or liver damage.

Oily liquids that help polished nails from becoming dry & brittle. High levels (unlikely to be found in nail polish) can interfere with reproductive hormones and cause eye, skin, nose and mouth irritations.
The use of this is becoming less frequent and is now banned by the European Union.

This is used as a polish hardener and preservative, towards bacterial contamination.
It should be avoided if you have had an allergic or skin reaction after using other nail products.

Formaldehyde resin
Known to cause dermatitis.

A scent which can cause nausea, dizziness and headaches.

These are just the five main ‘demons’ found in 5 out of 7 polishes in a recent study.
I am telling you about this because it is a lesson that I have learnt from personal experience.
I used to love having my gel manicures, they lasted for weeks without a chip or wear to be seen. But little did I know how I was creating brittle damaged nails and very dry skin and cuticles. The frequent acetone soaks (to get the polish off) can cause allergic reactions and dermatitis around the nail and that is nothing compared to the exposure of the ultraviolet light to harden the gel !!!!
Skin damage even the risk of skin cancer with frequent exposure.

I now only use skin care, body care and cosmetics from reputable five free (or more) companies.

Mint Polish is my nail care of choice, not only do they offer fabulous colours but they are also free from these nasties so everyone can use them without fear.

“We pride ourselves on being more than just a nail polish company – we are a lifestyle brand focused on spreading awareness on girls and women all over the world about potentially hazardous ingredients in cosmetics and more” Greta at Mint polish.


Don’t be silly be sensible, just like children, our hands go in our mouths and in our food everyday. Don’t ingest these chemicals in your system via your mouth or your skin, you will regret it!

And as long as you do your Mint manicure properly it can last you for up to two weeks.


Step one : Apply a coat of the fantastic rubberised texture basecoat.

Step two : Colour and let your nails dry properly.

Step three : Apply two coats of the glossy top sealer.

I top up the sealer every other day!

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